All you need to know about the Romford Film Festival

The Romford Film Festival is proud to announce its first world class Rommy Awards event celebrating British and International filmmaking for cinema. Our aim is to bring together the diversity of craft and storytelling in the unifying creative expression of film.

We are supporting the craftsmen and storytellers so they can express themselves without the prevailing media culture of propaganda and stereotypical viewpoints that obstruct the desire to entertain and inform in a stimulating and thought provoking way.

In a world becoming increasingly fragmented by confrontation and insecurity, we wish to promote the universal appeal of visual narrative, human emotion and dramatic interpretation to impart a powerful message of hope for humankind.

Within numerous categories and award levels, we are opening up unique opportunities for all filmmakers, screenwriters, actors, editors and composers to receive the accolades and recognition they deserve for breaking down barriers of cultural misconceptions.

Cinema has the power to change opinions, create an atmosphere of harmony and peace and to touch people of all ethnicities in a human way that reminds them there is more that connects us than divides us emotionally, spiritually and personally.

This is an awards ceremony that will make the competition fierce, but in a convivial atmosphere.

Join the Romford Film Festival – Rommy Award celebration of cinema with your entry and grace us with your presence as we show the rest of the world how to display open minds on the silver screen.