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In the grungy, cacophonous dressing room of a lower Mumbai theatre, Prahlad, a method actor, struggles to ‘get into character’. His fellow actors and crew chatter away noisily without any respect for his art or empathy for his preparation.

From the other side, Arushi, a nervous backstage manager, tasked with informing him that the hair/makeup in-charge is unavailable, scampers off to find a replacement.

She drags her buddy, Sherry, away from the background actors to work on the main, frustrated star. Forewarned that he could aggravate Prahlad, Sherry performs his work at a risk. A risk that could have him caught in the crossfire between Prahlad and the rest of the room.

A risk, that threatens not only to injure him, but turn him inside out, and relive a past so secret, it could only have hidden backstage.